Preaching the Book of Galatians to Yourself – Chapter Six

This post concludes my series on “Preaching the Book of Galatians to Yourself”, and is derived from chapter six of Galatians.

  • When one of my brothers and sisters is caught in sin I will restore them with gentleness.  I will not rejoice in the sins of others or lift my nose at them, but will seek their restoration.  Correction is always to be for the purpose of restoration.   (6:1)
  • I recognize that sometimes I take pride in not committing the sins that other Christians have committed.  I will resist that form of pride, and I will be watchful and stay vigilant in my fight against sin recognizing that I could sin in the same ways.  I know that present victory over a particular sin does not guarantee future victory over a particular sin.  (6:1)
  • I will not only gently correct those who are caught in sin, but I will carry other people’s heavy burdens.  These burdens may not always be sinful but circumstantial or pertaining to personal weakness whether in their body or in their faith.  I resolve to be a self-giving and gracious person.  When I live like this I fulfill the law of Christ and walk like Jesus walked.  (6:2)
  • I declare war on self-righteous tendencies in my life, and will regularly remind myself that I am not “something”.  Thinking that I am something special is self-deception. (6:3)
  • I will not compare myself to other people to gauge my spirituality, but I will compare myself to Jesus who always has a higher standard of godliness and will rest in his grace and empowerment. (6:2-4)
  • I will examine myself not in order to compare myself to other people, but to seek the approval of God in my life.  I will pursue the godliness modeled in the person of Christ above the godliness modeled by my peers or heroes. (6:2-4)
  • I will not live in weakness but will accept responsibility for my own load.  I will not live in constant need of assistance from someone else but will take responsibility for my own life.  However, I will not walk in the pride of never admitting that I need help, nor will I live in the false humility of always being needy—whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially—and mooch off of other people thereby unnecessarily burdening them.  (6:5)
  • I will bless those who have taught me.  I will find tangible ways to bless my pastor(s) and other men and women of God who have had an influence in my life. (6:6)
  • I will not be deceived and mock God by believing that I will not reap what I sow.  When I sow to the flesh I will reap corruption and when I sow to the Spirit I will reap eternal life.  Therefore today I resolve to sow to the Spirit. (6:7-8)
  • I know that it easy to grow weary and lose heart when doing good and when sowing to the Spirit, and I will guard my heart against becoming passive.  The Gospel of grace enables me to walk actively after the Spirit and is not an excuse for spiritual passivity.  I will keep my eye on the prize of eternal life that is reaped by those who sow to the spirit. (6:9)
  • I will live a life that blesses unbelievers—the poor and rich, black and white, people of differing political affiliations, people of other religions or no religion at all, and even my enemies.  Most of all though I will concentrate my efforts upon blessing fellow Christians in my local setting and around the world.  (6:10)
  • I know that there are those who would seek to bind my conscience into legalistic thinking and subjection to the Law because they do not want to deal with persecution that comes from embracing the scandal of God’s grace in the cross of Christ.  I will not submit to them. (6:12)
  • I know that the Gospel of grace is consistently attacked by religious people within church, and that I will suffer persecution for believing in radical grace.  When that sort of persecution comes, in whatever form, I will not devalue the glorious Gospel by being compelled to trade the substance of the true Gospel for their form of the false gospel. (6:12)
  • I will resist hypocritical teachers that place upon me external religious principles or traditions because of their desire to boast in their influence over what I have done, and I will be a teacher that teaches and highlights the grace of God in the work of Jesus more than any other thing. (6:13)
  • I will only boast in the cross of Christ.  The cross is the most significant event in human history, and I will live like that is so.  I desire that my thoughts, my affections/emotions, and my actions all come under the influence of the centrality of the cross.  The cross is the pinnacle of my doctrine and the pattern by which I am to live life.  I will live defined by the cross because in Christ I am defined by the cross.  (6:14)
  • At the cross I died with Jesus and the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.  Therefore I will not follow the lusts and mindset of the world, but walk according to my identity in Christ desiring Jesus and resting in his work not my works.  I know that the boasts and pleasures of this world are empty, and that in Christ true pleasure is found.  I ask the Holy Spirit to eliminate areas where I am engaging in self-boasting and cause me to live a life of one boast in Jesus. (6:14)
  • I cannot boast in the fact that I am new creation anymore than I can boast in the fact that I was created—that is something God did not something I did.   Therefore my boast is in God who launched new creation in the person and work of Jesus.  (6:14-15)
  • I am a new creation in Christ and realize that circumcision and uncircumcision isn’t anything.  I refuse to fall into the trap of believing that external religious traditions matter.  (6:15)
  • Because in Christ I am a new creation and I am a part of the Israel of God and one of God’s people.  Therefore I receive the mercy and peace of God that comes from being his possession and covenant bride.  (6:16)
  • I receive the grace of Jesus extended through this letter and through the person and work of Christ.  I ask that my Lord Jesus will grace my spirit right now. (6:18)

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