The Most Terrible Sin & Jesus’ Greater Grace

Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes,

“The Pharisee had never seen the need of forgiveness and there is no more terrible sin than that.  I know of nothing worse than the person who says: ‘You know I have never really felt that I am a sinner’.  That is the height of sin because it means that you have never realized the truth about God and the truth about yourself.”  Spiritual Depression, 31.

Sinning is one thing.  Not recognizing that you are a sinner is quite another.

Jesus came to save sinners not the righteous whom assume they’ve never sinned, yet whom have no trouble pointing out the sins of others.

The truth is you’re a great sinner, and that Jesus is a greater Savior.  Believe it.  The terrible weight of your sin is nowhere near the liberating power of God’s forgiveness in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ greater grace saves great sinners.

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