Fighting Sin as the Beloved of God

Henry Scougal writes (and read this twice),

The severities of a holy life, and that constant watch which we are obliged to keep over our hearts and ways, are very troublesome to those who are only ruled and acted by an external law, and have no law in their minds inclining them to the performance of their duty; but where divine love possesseth the soul, it stands as sentinel to keep out everything that may offend the beloved, and doth disdainfully repulse those temptations which assault it; it complieth cheerfully, not only with explicit commands, but with the most secret notices of the beloved’s pleasure, and is ingenious in discovering what will be most grateful and acceptable unto him; it makes mortification and self-denial change their harsh and dreadful names and become easy, sweet and delightful things. (The Life of God in the Soul of Man, 78, emphasis mine)

Kill the pleasures of sin with the higher pleasures of God. Fight sin as a lover beloved by God not as a slave of law.

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