God at the Command of Prayer?

Always stood in wonder at how Jonathan Edwards, the great Calvinistic mind and the great revivalist, could speak of prayer in such a fashion:

“God is, if I may so say, at the command of the prayer of faith; and in this respect is, as it were, under the power of his people; as princes, they have power with God, and prevail.”  [Some Thoughts Concerning The Present Revival of Religion…, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Volume 1 (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 1834), 426]

May God keep me and keep the church from the kind of view of God’s sovereignty that discourages relentless prayer and laying hold upon God to act.

It is possible, and, I think, it is most biblical to believe that God sovereignly wills everything (and I mean everything), and to pray in such a way and with the kind of faith that prevails with God.

May God make me such a man.

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