Jesus’ Resurrection is a Knockout Punch to Fear – Holy Week #4

Jesus’ resurrection is a knockout punch to fear for Christians because it is the evidence that Jesus has paid for our sins in full through his death and risen again for our justification. When the devil or your own conscience points out your sin–point them to the resurrection of Jesus. What follows is an excerpt from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon “The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus” preached April 9th, 1882:

Listen! ‘Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth, who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again.’ It is a knockdown blow to fear when the apostle says that we cannot be condemned because Christ has died in our stead, but he puts a double force into it when he cries, ‘Yea rather, that is risen again.’ If Satan, therefore, shall come to any believer and say, ‘What about your sin?’ tell him Jesus died for it, and your sin is put away. If he come a second time, and say to you, ‘What about your sin?’ answer him, ‘Jesus lives, and his life is the assurance of our justification; for if our Surety had not paid the debt he would still be under the power of death.’ Inasmuch as Jesus has discharged all our liabilities, and left not one farthing due to God’s justice from one of his people, he lives and is clear, and we live in him, and are clear also by virtue of our union with him. Is not this a glorious doctrine, this doctrine of the resurrection, in its bearing upon the justification of the saints? The Lord Jesus gave himself for our sins, but he rose again for our justification. [The Charles H. Spurgeon Library Version 1, No. 1653 (AGES Software: CD ROM), 248]

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