Answering Condemnation

Terry Virgo in his book The Spirit-Filled Church writes,

Sadly, many a Christian is more aware of a sense of failure and condemnation than of reigning and rejoicing…

The problem for many Christians is that they always feel condemned. But the answer to condemnation is never simply to improve our performance. It is to reckon on our position through grace. God has justified us freely as a gift. Condemnation is to do with guilt, not with feelings or improved performance. If we, through grace, are declared “not guilty” by God, then we cannot be condemned. Only the guilty man stands condemned. It is God who justifies, and if God has declared us “not guilty”, Satan cannot take us to a higher court. There is none. There is no more condemnation for us, not because we have been doing well lately, or because we have set ourselves a new standard, but because we are in Christ Jesus. He has carried our guilt on the cross. The more we come to enjoy that truth, the more we will know how to refuse Satan’s constant barrage of accusations aimed at getting us down. (Oxford, UK: Monarch Books, 2011) 56, 60

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