How the Gospel of Grace Re-Creates You

Theologian Herman Bavinck shows the magnificent, all-encompassing work of the gospel of grace achieved by Jesus and how grace changes people:

Grace doesn’t take away from your humanity it restores all that it means to be human.

In the covenant of grace, that is, in the gospel, which is the proclamation of the covenant of grace, there are actually no demands and no conditions. For God supplies what he demands. Christ has accomplished everything, and though he did not accomplish rebirth, faith, and repentance in our place, he did acquire them for us, and the Holy Spirit applies them…

The covenant of grace does not deaden human beings or treat them as inatimate objects. On the contrary, it totally includes with all their faculties and powers, in soul and body, for time and eternity. It embraces them totally, does not destroy their power, but deprives them of their impotence. It does not kill their will but frees them from sin; it does not numb their consciousness but delivers it from darkness. It re-creates the whole person and, having renewed it by grace, prompts it, freely and independently, with soul, mind, and body, to love God and to dedicate itself to him. The covenant of grace declares that God’s honor and acclaim is not won at the expense but for the benefit of human persons and celebrates its triumphs in the re-creation of the whole person, in his or her enlightened consciousneses and restored freedom. [Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 3: Sin and Salvation in Christ (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2009), 230.]

In the gospel God in Jesus gives you everything you have ever needed. What God wants from you, he gives to you. Therefore being a Christian isn’t a life full of negatives but a life full of positives. The grace he gives does not only forgive sins, but changes sinners.

The good news for the world God gives in Jesus is a loving gift to humanity not an oppressive burden to humanity. Grace doesn’t take away from your humanity it restores all that it means to be human. The gospel doesn’t deprive you of who you are, it delivers you from who you were and gives you a better identity.

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