The Benefit of Remembering God’s Benefits (Psalm 103)

A good way to start a Monday is reflecting on who God is and what God does.  Psalm 103 gives several verbs that highlight the character and ways of God.

Being too busy to remember God is sinful.  Therefore the Psalmist does not want us to “forget all [God’s] benefits”, but to bless God for them.  There is great benefit to remembering God’s benefits.

Start your busy week out by considering that you are dust and blessing God’s multi-faceted greatness:

  • God forgives (v. 3)
  • God heals (v. 3)
  • God redeems (v. 4)
  • God crowns (v. 4)
  • God satisfies (v. 5)
  • God works justice (v. 6)
  • God reveals Himself in word and deed (v. 7)
  • God mercies because He is merciful (v. 8 )
  • God graces because He is gracious (v. 8 )
  • God is slow to anger (v. 8 )
  • God loves abundantly (v. 8 )
  • God will not always accuse or be angry (v. 9)
  • God does not repay his people for their sins (v. 10)
  • God loves greatly and eternally (v. 11, 17)
  • God has compassion like a Daddy (v. 13)
  • God remembers we are created and made from dust (v. 14)
  • God rules everything (v. 19)

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