Depressed Christians Can Be Bolder than Sinless Adam

Puritan William Bridge, in A Lifting Up for the Downcast, writes:

…a believer may now come with more boldness into the presence of God, than could Adam in the state of innocency; for though Adam in the state of innocency had no veil or covering of guilt thrown over his face, yet there was a great distance between God and him. But now, since the fall, since Christ’s time, God is come in our nature, manifested in the flesh; and so God is come near to us, and by faith we draw near to God. No wonder, therefore, that the apostle says, that ‘by faith we have boldness and access with confidence.’ Faith tells a man that God is come near to him, and he is come near to God; and therefore faith certainly is the great remedy and means against all discouragements that can arise. (p. 267)

If you know Jesus and are depressed know that you can be bolder than Adam before he fell. Because of Jesus you can take your depression and all your discouragements and call out to God and he will listen. The purity of Jesus’ blood over your many sins can make you bolder than sinless Adam was.

Fight depression by faith in what Jesus’ has done on your behalf. Your access to God may feel foggy due to depression, but by connection to Jesus your access to God is secured and unhindered. God is near–nearer than he was with Adam in the garden of Eden.

1 thought on “Depressed Christians Can Be Bolder than Sinless Adam

  1. “A Lifting Up..” is one of my all-time favorite puritan books. It’s one of the few extra-Biblical resources that has brought me peace and comfort in times of despair. Its a great little book! 🙂

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